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Customizing Lesson Collections

Learning Explorer's robust library of learning objects makes creating the foundation of any lesson easy but personalizing is what makes lesson planning fun and unique for your classroom! Enhance any lesson collection with our suite of customizations tools such as uploading existing files from your computer, incorporating rich media such as images from Pixabay, adding directions and context for your instruction with 'add a page' or leveraging your favorite Google productivity tools! 

Add a Link

You can add any link to your collection with a simple copy-paste. 

1. Find a link you wish to use, and copy the link 

2. Paste the link into the Web Link tool

3. Select the added media type (webpage, video, or image)

4. Click Add to Folder, and then rearrange the added link to fit the flow of your collection.

Upload a file

  • You can upload any file from your computer into your collection.

*Note: any file you upload directly to a collection can also be accessed in your My Uploads folder in your Curriculum Manager

Add a Pixabay Image

  • Add high-quality images directly to your collection with Pixabay’s Image Search.

1. Type a descriptive term into the search bar to launch a search (you can also select an image type if you want something specific)

2. Click on the images you want to select

3. Click Add Selected to Folder, and then rearrange the images to fit the flow of your collection

Create a Page 

Create custom pages to use in your collection, and edit them at any time. Create a table of contents, list out student directions, craft a problem-solving task, embed a video with questions, add an image, or insert a calendar. The opportunities are endless with this blank drawing board! 

  • Stylize Text

  • Format Content

  • Insert Links

  • Insert Images

  • Embed Content – Code View

  • Insert Table


Whatever you do, don’t forget to click save before leaving the page!

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