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Sharing Lessons via LMS - Google Classroom

Assigning Lessons via LMS - Google Classroom

Access Learning Explorer and Google Classroom easily through! 

Step 1: Log on to with your login information or SSO app. 


Step 2. Search and filter to find resources for your classroom and students.  

Then drag and drop lessons, handouts, worksheets, activities, and more into the Lesson Collection Builder on the right.

Step 3: Click ‘Edit’ in the Lesson Collection builder to personalize and customize your materials for your learners. 

Step 4: Organize and personalize your Lesson Collection as needed. Then click ‘More’ → ‘Assign’ when you’re ready to assign in Google Classroom. 

Step 5: Create a five-character password, click ‘save’, and then click the ‘Google Classroom’ icon. 

Step 6: Go through the Google Classroom prompts - selecting the desired Google Classroom Course, and content (announcement, question, material, assignment). Once selected, make sure you include the five-character password and click ‘assign’.

 Fill out inputs for Google Classroom as desired. 

Step 7: See your Lesson Collection in Google Classroom


Add Lesson Collections from your Curriculum Manager

You can also add Lesson Collections you have created seamlessly from your Curriculum Manager. 

Step 1: Log into Learning Explorer and click Discover and then Click ‘Curriculum Manager

Step 2: Find your resource, click ‘actions’ and ‘assign’ 

Step 3: Follow steps 5-7 from above.

Assign using a ‘Share Link’

Note, this option is ideal when sharing with learning stakeholders such as parents or guardians that might be confused or overwhelmed navigating an LMS! 

Step 1: Edit your Lesson Collection and click ‘assign’

Step 2: Create a five-character password, click ‘save’, and then click the copy' next to the Share Link URL


Step 3: Paste the URL and provide the 5-character password via email or guardian communication platform to involve learning stakeholders in students' success

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