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Clipping Videos

Clipping Videos

In this article segment, you will learn how to clip videos within the Learning Explorer platforms. This tool is helpful when you are just wanting to show a piece of a video you found and not the video in its entirety.

1. The videos that you are able to clip are the ones that appear at the top of your search

2. Once you have added a video that appears at the top of your search into your collection, you will need to click the Edit button, click on the Actions button below that video you had added, and select Clip this Video.

3. After you have watched the video and found you only want to play a part of this vieo, you now have the option to select the Start From and Until time on the video. Check the box next to Start From and put in the minutes and click the Clip & Save button. It is as easy that!

4. Now when you go to Play your collection that has that video, it will only play that clip you had selected.

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