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AI Tools

AI Teacher Tools

These AI-driven lesson-planning tools will save you time and help you find new and creative ways to generate learning resources to share with your students. 

Lesson Plan: Create a lesson plan that outlines learning objectives, teaching strategies, and resources to effectively teach a specific topic. 
Lesson plan Ideas: Make learning engaging, effective, and enjoyable. Generate creative lesson ideas that encompass diverse and tailored strategies and activities.
Vocabulary: Suggest a list of key terms for the topic and grade ensuring students receive targeted focus on meaningful vocabulary.
Bell Ringer: Generate a list of activities to capture students' attention and get them focused from the moment class starts ensuring a purposeful beginning to every lesson.

Project Ideas: Designed to help students demonstrate their understanding of the lesson's content in a hands-on, creative, and collaborative manner. Generate lesson projects that are aligned with the topic and provide clear guidelines and expectations.

Lesson Hook: Set the stage for the lesson by grabbing students' attention, pique their interest, and motivate them. Generate examples of lesson hooks for the topic.

Best Practices for Using AI Teacher Tools

  • Use AI as a Starting Point: Use AI Teacher Tool results for your initial ideas and the starting point for resources but be sure to review and edit as needed. Always adhere to your school's guidelines.

  • Check for Bias and Accuracy: AI may occasionally generate biased or inaccurate content. Always double-check results before sharing them with students.

  • Protect Student Privacy: Do not include personal student details in the AI Teacher Tool prompts.

  • Keep Timeline in Mind: Most education AI programs are limited in their access to recent events. News and events after 2021 will be limited.

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