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Publishing, Sharing, and Assigning

What is the difference between Publishing, Sharing, and Assigning Lesson Collections?

Publishing: Is when you make a collection available to all the users in your organization on the Learning Explorer platform. 

Sharing: Is when you can share out a specific collection with one of your colleagues within your organization. You are able to share it by giving them can-view or can-edit permissions 

Assigning: Is when you can assign a collection out to your students either through a customized link created through Learning Explorer or through Google Classroom.

What is the difference between can-view and can-edit with Sharing a collection?

Can View: Is granting the ability to your colleague to only view your collection

Can-Edit: Is granting editing permission to your colleague to edit your collection

How can I make my Lesson Collections interactive with my students?

There are several ways to turn collections into interactive lessons. Bring in your Google Tools and spark collaboration using our Google Apps integration. Create custom pages through Create a Page that engage students in a learning task or facilitate discussion. Add in your favorite digital tools as a web link into your collection to spark student engagement.

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