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Assigning a Collection - Password Protected Link

Assign a Collection with a Password Protected Link

Assign a lesson collection to students with a password-protected link, or directly to a digital session. When you assign a collection, students can interact with resources in the collection,  complete assignments, access learning materials at home, and more in a seamless playlist view. 

There are 2 ways to Assign a collection as a password protected link: 


1. From the Collection Editor

  • While in the Collection Editor, click More to see a list of actions. Then select Assign.


2. From your Curriculum Manager 

  • While in your Curriculum Manager, click the Actions tab that is located on the same line of your Collection and select Assign.

  • Enter in a case-sensitive access key (5 character minimum) and click Save.

  • Copy the share link and send it to your intended viewers. Don’t forget to share the access key with your students.

You can reset your collection access key at any time. Resetting the access key will make the folder player unavailable to all students with the old key. 

  • When a student clicks on the collection link, they will be prompted to enter in the access key.

  • Now, users can navigate and view the collection as intended for and watch videos, complete assignments, read text, answer questions, and more.

  • Any resource you have hidden from the player will not be visible. To unhide or hide resources, go back to your collection editor and choose the resources you would like to hide from view.



  • Create or Copy and Assign different versions of a collection to your students to meet individual learning needs 
  • Assign collections to students in small learning groups at different learning stations in class
  • Hide multiple resources from students before assigning a collection; unhide the resources when you are ready for students to view them (ex: daily lessons or a quiz) 
  • Want to add more resources to your collection after you’ve assigned it? No problem—you can make edits and add resources to your collection without having to reassign it. 

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