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Use the filters to narrow your search results down to find exactly what you need. The more you filter, the more focused your search results will be. This section explains each filter and how to maximize the use of flexible filters.

Filtering by Provider

1. Narrow your search by the provider to only see resources from certain publishers or curators.

*Note: Your provider box may look different than the one below

2. Hover over the provider name and click 'More' to see options under that provider.

3. Select one or several providers to filter within specific providers. 

TIP: Remove your selected choices by unchecking individual filters or clicking “Clear All” from the search results.

Filtering by Grades & Subjects

1. Select grades to find resources narrowed by grade level. Selecting more than one will result in more resource results.

2. Select one or more subjects you are teaching. Click 'More' to drop down specific subject options.

TIP: Refer to the number next to each filter to preview how many resources you’ll find in each subject area.

Filtering by Resource Types
1. Select one or more resource types you would like to see in your results. Click 'More' to expand specific resource type options.

TIP: Take the time to explore a variety of different resource types in Learning Explorer, including digital and print.

Filtering by Standards

1. Select one or more standards sets to find resources aligned to those standards.

2. To get more specific standard alignments, make sure you select a grade first. Then, click Expand Specific Standards.

3. Select the standard(s) you are looking for to see resources under that specific standard. 

TIP: Hover over the standard to read about that specific identifier

*Note: Your standards may be specific to your district

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