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Sharing Lessons via LMS - Schoology

Assigning Lessons via LMS - Schoology

Learning Explorer is the perfect complement to an LMS. Now, you can use Learning Explorer + Schoology to maximize the potential of your classroom.

Access Learning Explorer and Schoology in two ways: 

1. Log in to your district Schoology page and launch the Learning Explorer API and add as a material


2. Log on to and use the 'Share URL' link feature. 

If you are logging into Schoology first and launching the Learning Explorer tool to search for resources, presentations or collections you will be able to add objects directly as a Schoology ‘Material’ that is instantly ready for students to access without a password. 

To do this:

1. Login to Schoology and click 'add materials'. Scroll until you see Learning Explorer's LTI app. Depending on the apps your district has subscribed to, you might need to scroll a bit! 

Step 2: Search and filter to find resources for your classroom and students. 

Step 3: Once you have found a resource, click on it and if you wish to share to students, click ‘add to Schoology’.

Step 4: See your Lesson Collection or resource in Schoology. 

You can also add Lesson Collections you have created seamlessly from your Curriculum Manager. 

Step 1: Log into Schoology and click ‘add materials’. Then launch the Learning Explorer LTI App. 

Step 2: Click ‘Menu’

Step 3: Click ‘Curriculum Manager’

Step 4: Find your resource, click ‘Actions’ and ‘Add to Schoology’ 

Step 5: See your Lesson Collection or resource in Schoology. 

Option 2 - Assigning Using the Share Link 

For Option 2, You will access Learning Explorer from and assign using the ‘Share Link’. This option requires a five-character password that you need to provide to students. Consider this option when you:

  • Have created lesson collections for certain students with private, personalized education materials such as an IEP

  • Are wanting to embed your materials within an assignment, discussion, or page in Schoology 

Step 1: Edit your Lesson Collection and click ‘assign’

Step 2: Create a five-character passwordsave it and copy the share link

Step 3: Create a discussion, assignment, or page in Schoology. Add desired written instructions or descriptions. Hyperlink text with the copied URL from Learning Explorer, fill out grading parameters, and click ‘save’. Do not forget to provide the password! 

Step 4: Clicking on the link in the assignment, discussion or page will prompt a password-protected player for your Lesson Collection. Enter the password to view the collection! 

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