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Accessing Resources

Accessing Resources

Once you have your search results ready, it’s time for the fun part: looking at resources! You can easily browse through resources in a few ways. Pick what works best for you!

Resource Reviews

1. To read a review, hover over a resource card and click See Full Review or just click on the review box of the resource. This will open up the resource review page for that resource. Use this page to learn more about it and see what the resource entails.

2. The review page provides a description, ways to use the resource in the classroom or remotely, identify prerequisite information, see what material goes along with it, and more.  


Click on the blue links to start a new search for other resources that match this one. Clicking on a concept, for example, would result in seeing other resources with the same concept.

Opening a Resource

1. You can also open a resource from a review page by clicking Go to Resource on the top left, or by clicking on the image.

2. Find a resource you really like? Click the Favorite button and the heart will fill letting you know that it has been saved to your Curriculum Manager (My Resources).

3. To open a resource without reading a review, click Go to Resource on the resource card.

Accessing Collections

Since a Collection is made up of multiple resources, accessing each resource looks a little different than the individual resources from the Resource category.

1. Scroll down and click on See full reviews.

2. That will then expand all the resource reviews in that collection and give you the option to open each resource by clicking on the Go to Resource in each review.

3. Each Collection gives you the options at the top to SavePlayShare, and Add to FolderWhen you save or add it to another Collection that you have built , you can go into your Curriculum Manager/My Resources, where you are given more capabilities such as editing them or assigning them to your students (See the articles on Editing Collections and Assigning a Collection

  • Saving a Collection

  • Accessing your saved collection

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