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Publish a Collection

How to Publish a Collection

Once you've created a superb collection, you can publish it to the LOR so that other teachers in your district can find it in search.

Note: Only teachers and administrators in your district will be able to search, access, and save collections that have been published to the LOR by you.

  1. Choose a collection to publish from your Curriculum Manager. From the Editor, click Edit Details.

  2. Fill in the required description and additional metadata (grades, subjects, concepts, etc.) All required fields are denoted with an asterisk * 

  3. The publish button will turn green when you've filled in the necessary metadata.

  4. Select Publish to make it searchable in the LOR.


The more metadata you add to your collection before publishing, the more relevant it will appear in search results. When tagging your collection with metadata, think about the key concepts, standards, and subject areas that will be most important to other teachers when looking for related resources.

Publishing Tips and Tricks

  • Add custom tags like course names or school-specific nomenclature with "Additional Tags"

  • Make updates to your published collection at any time by selecting "Republish" and then "Publish and Replace"


Did you find a collection in search that you really like, but want to make a few adjustments? Just save and remix it! Once you decide to save a collection that another user created and published, you then have the option to edit, reorganize, and differentiate. This is called remixing.

Remixing - FAQs

  • What is remixing? Remixing is saving a collection or folder that another user has created and published and then making modifications to fit the needs of your instruction and your students' learning.

  • If I save a folder and remix it, does it affect the original collection? No. When you save a collection to your curriculum manager, you are making a copy of that folder. Edits and changes will not reflect in the published folder.

  • How do I publish a remixed collection? Make some changes by adding or deleting resources, editing the description and title, or reordering the resources in the collection.

  • What happens when I publish a remixed collection? After you publish a remixed collection, it becomes available in search along side the originally published collection. The original collector is given credit, and you will be listed as the remixer.

  • I’ve started remixing a collection, but I don’t see the option to publish. Why? If you are not seeing the option to publish, you may not have permission. Contact your district administrator if you think you need to be given publishing rights.

  • Why won’t my collection publish?! Check the Publish Collection button. If it’s not green, the collection has not been remixed enough. Hover over it to find out what additional changes need to be made.

How to Remix a Collection

  1. Click on a folder collection in search to open the review page.

  2. Click  Save.

  3. Edit the collection in your curriculum manager to begin remixing.

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