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How to Generate the AI Tools

Generate Instruction and Ideas with AI Teacher Tools

Struggling to come up with instructional and lesson-planning ideas? Let our AI Teacher Tools help! This article will get you started with using our newly released AI Teacher Tools.

How to generate an AI tool

  • Fill in the required fields and click the Generate button

  • Once you click on the Generate button, the output of what you selected will populate below.

  • If you would like to see other options than what was originally generated, simply click on the Re-Generate button.

  • You can also select the enhance button to refine the topic or choose from other suggested topics to regenerate for new, enhanced output. (located to the right of the topic field box)

What Can be Done with the Output?

1. You can edit the title, text output, and text format:

2. Add it to a Collection by selecting that plus sign icon as seen here:

Note: For more about collections check out our help article on Creating a New Collection and Adding Resources to Your Collection

3. Copy the output and add it to a Word or Google document.

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