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Getting More Specific

Getting More Specific

Want to narrow your search down even more?! This section goes over the additional filters that are listed below the Standards, which are filters that drill down to more specific criteria that are found in all of our reviewed resources.

Filtering By Audience and Instructional Strategy

1. If you are looking for resources that are specific to only students, such as a worksheet, activity, project, etc. you can select For Student Use. If you are needing a resource that provides a teacher reference or more instructions, select For Teacher Use.

2. Select an Instructional Strategy that best meets your student's needs. We have resources across all the instructional strategies that help students effectively to accomplish tasks or meet goals.

Filtering by Lexile and Accessibility 

3. The Lexile filter gives a level scale from 0 to 2200 so you can filter by the reading level of where your students are at.

*Note: The Lexile level you choose will appear as a filter at the top of your search here along with the other filters you may have selected.

4. If you are needing resources that support hearing impaired or visually impaired students, you have the option to filter by an Accessibility to help cater to those student needs.

Filtering by Languages and Included Materials

5. The Languages filter gives you the ability to search for resources that include material in a different language other than English.


6. If you are needing a worksheet that includes an answer key or a lesson plan that has an assessment to go along with it, you can use the Included Materials filter to find those types of resources.

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