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Using the Content Access Manager

Using the Content Access Manager

The Content Access Manager is a setting within an administrator’s account where access to specific content can be granted to an administrator(s), schools, or specific teachers. This feature gives administrators control over all the content to which their staff has access.


1. After selecting Access, you will be taken to a page that looks similar to this page:

2. To modify access to specific content, simply click on the provider:

  • When you click on the arrow to the right of the “Admins with access” you will be given a dropdown. Clicking “Yes” gives access to all administrators from each school, clicking on “No” blocks access to all administrators, and clicking on the specific schools gives access to that specific administrator associated with that school:

  • The same goes for the “Teacher with access” field. You will be given the same options as listed above, but it will apply to teachers within that school:

  • Lastly, you have the option to grant access to specific teachers by just typing in their email or their name

Bulk Modify Content Access

If you are looking to grant access to content for everyone in your district:

1. Click on the “Provider” box at the top left and that will check all the provider content boxes.

2. Then click on the “Bulk Edit” button located to the right. The same “Modify Content Access” window will open up providing you with the same drop-down options.


Search: Search by school or specific people who have access to the content provided. An easy way to comb through what school(s) and which teachers have access to specific content.

Export: Uploading an exported Excel spreadsheet gives you a complete view of the access you have set for your admins and teachers.

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