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Assigning Roles and Permissions

Roles and permissions in Learning Explorer help your district manage access to certain features in the platform. From admin to teacher, it’s important to set primary and secondary roles appropriately. This article will break down how to assign roles to users in your district’s Learning Explorer account, as well as how to create custom secondary roles and permissions.

Assigning Primary and Secondary roles

  1. Primary roles are set by default when a user account is created. Secondary roles are manually assigned to users. They both can be changed by selecting the green pencil next to a specific user from a school.

  1. Select the user’s primary role. 

 *Note: A user can only have 1 primary role.

  • A District Admin has full administrator privileges in the platform with the ability to manage users in all schools and all content in the resource library. A district admin can also view district-wide reporting as well as individual school usage.

  • A School Admin has limited administrator privileges specific to their school which includes the ability to manage school accounts and view school reporting.

  • A teacher has basic access to the resource library with the ability to search for resources, build collections, and manage their personal resources.

  1. You can also select a secondary role.

    *Note: A user can have multiple secondary roles.

  • A publisher (secondary) role gives a user the ability to publish collections to the resource library.

  1. Save your changes.

How to Create Custom Roles

Custom roles are a great way to add additional permissions to users. Custom roles can be setup by an administrator and then assigned as secondary roles to users.

1. Access Roles and Permissions under the Accounts area of the admin dashboard. 

2. Select +Add New Role 

3. Name the role. Be sure to turn on the appropriate advanced permissions that define this secondary role.

4. Find the users you wish to give the custom role. Click Edit Teacher.

5. Select the TTIS Secondary role, and save.

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