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Admin Manager

Using the Admin Manager tab

This article is intended for users who have been identified by the district as an ‘administrator’ or assigned administrator privileges.  

To view the different admin components in your account, click the drop-down arrow by your username. Then click admin manager’ 

This will bring you to the Account Manager tab. 

As an administrator, you can add schools or campus sites - especially to support certain objectives such as a ‘Summer School’ or ESY campus or virtual learning. 

Click ‘add schools’ to add schools individually or in bulk using a .csv file.

Click on the school to see the users within each individual site. 

Click the green pencil to edit the school name, short additional roles within the school. 

Once you’ve clicked on a school, you can view all users in the school. 

Click the different actions next to a user to delete the user, re-send their invite to finish registration, or edit their role or responsibility.

Please see our article on roles and responsibilities to learn more about this capability! 

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