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Managing and Adding Content

Managing and Adding Content

Do you want to customize and manage the resources your teachers see when they are searching for resources on Learning Explorer? You have come to the right place! The Content Manager is where you can add, edit, and manage the curriculum content your teachers will see when they are searching for resources. 

LOR Content: Resource library of all the resources on Learning Explorer and your district-created content.

Add a Resource: Add a district-created resource to the LOR Content by adding customized tags to make it available and searchable for your teachers to find it in search. Administrators and other curriculum leads can utilize this feature.

Quick view: Take a peek at the review of the resource to see how it is tagged and how it will appear to teachers when they open it in search.

Hide from Search: There may be resources on Learning Explorer that do not meet the curriculum criteria for your district or ones that you may think are not appropriate for your teachers to use, you can click on this box to hide it from search.

Feature in Search: If there are specific resources within Learning Explorer or district-created resources you have added to Learning Explorer, all you need to do is check the “Feature in Search” box for that resource and it will appear at the top of the search for that specific subject or topic. Featuring a resource in search will also add a “Featured Resource” badge to the resource card and resource review page.

Search Visibility: This filter allows you to view resources that are visible in the search and ones that have been hidden from the search.

Featured Content: When you check this box for a specific resource, that resource will show at the top of the search and will be highlighted with a badged emblem on the resource card. 

Edit Resources: This button allows you to edit the content of resources that you have added to the LOR

Flag Status: Either an administrator or a user has flagged a resource for an issue; Example, the resource was not appropriate or the link was not working. The number of resources that have been flagged is shown here. Filter the flagged resources to manage them, or export a CSV file for your records. You can edit the resource or “Hide until fixed” or “Hide indefinitely.” Choosing one of these options will remove the resource from the resource library view.

Adding Content to the LOR

Step 1: 

First, fill out the essential criteria for the content you are adding to your district-specific resource pool. You will want to be thoughtful in how this resource will display in search when your teachers are looking for resources to add to their lesson collections.

Note: Each field that has an asterisk is a required field that you must fill out.

Step 2: 

Add a custom thumbnail to catch a teacher’s eye when it comes up in search.

Step 3: 

Add the Common Core, NGSS, or state standard(s) that are aligned with this resource.

Step 4: 

These additional content fields are not required but will help make your resource more searchable and provide more important information about the resource to your teachers.

Step 5:

Once you have completed each step, click the “Finish” button. Your resource will then appear at the top of the Content Manager, and you will be given two additional options to the right of your resource: 

  • Edit Resource: Update the criteria of the resource, add more tags, or change the thumbnail of the resource.

  • Remove: By clicking this, you will delete your resource completely from your LOR Content.

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